Saturday, March 19, 2011

Somebody took my pew!

Where am I going to sit?

I got a chuckle the other day when a friend confessed to me that she got upset when she went to church and someone else was sitting in the seat she usually sits in.

You KNOW that feeling... you have a seat.... you almost always head to the same spot.  Not only in church... I see it happen in classes, meetings... any gathering.  Just watch... people file in and sit in the same spot or position as much as they can.  We are creatures of habit.

I've seen older people get really angry when people 'take their pew'.... like their names are engraved on it :-)  But it's our SPOT..... we feel at home right there.... comfortable..... hmmm.... complacent..... unchanging.....

I can't remember even once in the Gospel where Jesus called us to be comfortable... OR complacent.    He called us to CHANGE!  He called us to be awake and ready and a bit on edge :-)

Maybe I should choose a different pew.... just because...

Dear God,
   help me be kind and hospitable.  Help me remember not to be rigid.  Help me be like my friend... a little bit annoyed at MYSELF when I am annoyed at having to change :-)   Thank you for loving me anyway and helping me on the journey!


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  1. I once attended a church where there were names of 'loyal supporters' on the ends of the pews. Little brass tags. I thought it a bit strange and it did make me worry that I was sitting in 'someone else's spot!