Monday, May 18, 2015

Don't Let Them Steal Your Joy



This evening I was thanked for a compliment I gave.... and the conversation twisted around to a critique of how I parent my children.

Which is bugging me.

Why is that bugging you?  You think hard about what you do... and you make choices about it.


Is the criticism valid?

I don't think so - not completely.  I mean it is something I struggle with.
You know that.

The line between enabling and helping.

Right.  You DO struggle with it.

But again, is the criticism valid?

I still don't think so.  I mean... in my head.. enabling prevents a child from standing on their own two feet.  Like welfare.  Handing out so much that a kid can't stand on their own.

Do you do that?

No. But I won't let them starve.  Or be stranded by the side of the road.  Isn't that what family means?  That you have somewhere to go when you don't know where else to turn?

Sounds like you made your choice.

So why exactly are you angry?

I think because the criticism came from someone who has benefited greatly from my parenting style.  From someone who has evidently forgotten what it was like when they were young.

Yeah, that's pretty common.  Humans do like to work their way out of a situation and forget what was behind them.



Don't let me forget, okay?  I don't want to forget.  I also remember what it was like to feel so certain about things.  Like parenting.

If you don't want to forget, you won't.  

But do something for me.


Don't let someone else's journey screw up yours.  You made your choice.  You are satisfied with your reasons.  That's enough.

Don't let them steal your joy.


Thanks, God.