Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Shout Out to Moms....

Okay - I know....

I am a mom - so maybe it's not fair....

But today I had a new perspective on Jesus' mom - Mary...

I've shepherded 5 children through some pretty awful stages in life.  Awful on many many levels.

Difficult may be a better word.  Through many things I did not like.... or understand... or was able even to handle.  Many things that on a generic level (other people) didn't bother me - but when they come home... well, it's hard.  And I don't like that in ME.

And I have had to trust.

To trust in my children
To trust in what I gave them
To trust in the process... in God

To leap WITH my children

To share my opinion - even negative - yet NEVER pull away my caring or support.

I was thinking about Mary - and the reality of motherhood (not the picture postcard view)

What if she did NOT "GET" this God message stuff?
What if she did NOT understand what Jesus was doing?
What if she did NOT approve of all the people he hung out with or stories he told?
What if his behavior in Nazareth embarrassed her to death?

Yet there she was

Right behind and beside him in his journey.
I am positive she gave him her opinion and advice - and I am pretty sure it wasn't always nice!  But she stayed.  And she had his back - whatever he needed from her.

Dear Mary -
    Help me be the mom you were.  I can think of no better model - except maybe my own mom.  I've been the luckiest woman in the world with the mom God chose for me.  I need to ask both of you - my mom... and Mary... to keep praying for me.  This is not an easy job.  And I want to do you proud.
   And tell God I'm trying.  I'm sure he knows... but it takes a mom to really know how hard.