Sunday, September 16, 2012

Who Do You Say That I Am?

Now this one got to me today....

I mean... we all know the story..folks thought Jesus was Elijah... or John the Baptist (what?  reincarnated? hmm..) or just another prophet...

And the faithful followers - well, they said - we know, you are the Christ.. the Messiah..

And, of course, you and I - we are smart cookies.... we know Jesus is the Messiah too, right?  You know... God....

(Yes, I know some of you are not Christian.. but bear with me.. this is from the Christian Gospel writers)

The nugget that slithered through the cracks in my brain today was this:

Those who thought Jesus was a prophet.....
   Well.... prophets tell us things... prophets lead us and tell us what to do... prophets tell us what's going to happen...  we LISTEN to prophets....  we DO what we are told....  we FOLLOW... but the nugget is.. we WAIT.  (Because the Messiah (or Son of God) still isn't with us yet)

Those who thought Jesus was the Messiah (God):

   Well... God is well... HERE! (I mean, right here..... right now)  No more waiting....   the nugget is ACTION!

Jesus calls us to ACTION - just as he called the disciples to ACTION.

He said GIVE... He said DO...  He said PRAY....  not wait - but GO and LOVE.  Jesus is full of commands... ACTION words. 

So I think my thought for today is.... what can YOU DO today.... to BE Jesus for someone else?  Can you GIVE.... can you LISTEN.... can you PRAY?

I challenge you to go and DO SOMETHING to make your world a better, more loving place and I will do the same.