Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Child of the King!

As a child of God..... if I believe it... I am royalty.

No matter where I live....

No matter how I feel...

No matter what tasks lie before me.... whether it be leading troops into battle... or cleaning a toilet...

No matter what...

I am royalty.

And so are you....

Which means

We are setting examples...

that there is no room in our royal  lives

For whining and complaining....

For gossip and petty thoughts...

For unkindness or laziness..


Dear God,
       After I ponder this thought for a while, I am also filled with self-doubt and denial.  Please strengthen me!  I know that I am your child..... but I don't often think about the royal duties that come with it.  I only know that by myself, I am inadequate to the task.  Please strengthen me!  I am responsible for helping to build your Kingdom...right here ....right now...   I am special.... but also filled with responsibility.  

Help me to remember - as I go about my day - all day - that I am Your child..... the child of a King....


Monday, February 27, 2012


Too many times we feel alone.

There are things happening in our lives that we don't understand.  AND we have to smile and be cheerful for our loved ones so THEY won't worry... even though we are sick inside.

It is you that I want to pray with this morning.

So.... take a minute and know that I see you.  I know you.... and I am sending a big hug to you.

Dear God,

     Please bless the person praying with me right now.  This is a strong, kind person who is carrying one of life's heavy burdens.  My friend and I both know that You are in control.... that You have a master plan.  We trust that You are working through us to bring good.. to help bring about your Kingdom... but, Lord,  my friend feels lost right now..... overwhelmed and alone.  And I want my friend to have the peace and faith that can only come from You.  Father, hold this child of yours in the palm of your hand and shelter her from her fears.  Give her the health and strength and grace to face the week ahead.  Help her know that You are right there beside her.  Please bless her family and friends and all those she is caring for.  Give her the peace she needs to hold firm and do your Will in her life.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Half Loaf

The other day, I was talking with a woman who had been given a gift.

When I mentioned how thoughtful the giver was, she pursed her lips and told me how they wouldn't do something else.

The details aren't important.  The words were.

The words and facial expression said....

"What I was given was not enough (or right or whatever)"

I wondered if that was true.... if she really meant it.

The first thing that popped into my head was the old adage.... 'HALF LOAF is better than NONE."

Was she truly ungrateful or was she merely in the throes of a negative habit? 

I don't know.... but the effect was the same.

Her (probably unconscious) actions placed her (and me) in a negative place of ungratefulness.

How many times do I receive an offering from someone..... and I respond ungratefully?  I am not an ungrateful person..... I don't think.... am I?

Dear God,
           Please open my eyes and ears to the many gifts and blessings that I receive every day.  Open my heart by helping me SHARE your abundant grace by SHOWING my gratitude for what others (and YOU) give me.

Help me grow a grateful heart, Lord!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


There are many reflections that almost didn't get published.

They aren't polished.

They are often 'off the cuff'.

Sometimes I get an idea.... and I want a scripture verse to go with it.  And I get this whole idea going on - the reflection is almost written.... and I can't find the verse I thought was there.  So I try to set it aside and wait for the verse.

Do you know what happens next?

No more ideas.



Until I give up the idea of 'finishing it'.
Until I give up the idea of 'making it perfect'.
Until I get over MY PRIDE and let it go the way it is.

God works through my weaknesses.
God doesn't want me to wait.
God wants me to share his glory.

However it turns out.... God is pleased.

Dear God
        ..... Help me get over myself.  Help me 'tune in to you' and drop my own personal agenda.  "Perfect" is not what you ask from us.  "Faith" and "Constancy" is what you cherish.  Help me remember that if you wanted us perfect - you would have created us that way.  It is the choice that I make.... every day.... to try to walk in your footsteps..... THAT CHOICE is what you ask for.  NO MATTER what it looks like.

Just me.

That's what you want.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Make Your Dwelling Place in Me

I woke this morning with a plea swimming around in my head....

"Lord, make your dwelling place in my heart!"

And then, the next voice rising.....

"Why, oh why, would the Almighty choose to dwell in YOU?

In all your human brokenness, how could you POSSIBLY be a fit dwelling place for the Lord of Hosts?"

And then, thank you Lord.....

"I am a child of God.  Whatever I lack, God will provide."

A simple statement of faith rising from my half-zombie sleep state.  Wow.

As I shake my grogginess away, I think of my children.  I think of the love I bear them.  And I know that my God... my God of infinite love... loves much harder and stronger and, well.... just BETTER.... than I ever could.

I know that I would want my child to receive me.... no matter what.

Dear God,
        Help me today.  Help me keep you in the front of my mind....... help me remember not only to 'clean house' in my heart and be a fit dwelling place for you..... but to remember that I AM worthy.  You made me worthy.  You WANT me to WANT to receive you and keep you in my heart.


Just like I am.


Thursday, February 23, 2012


I am reminded on this beautiful Spring morning of life and new growth!  We've had a mild winter.... seriously - there has been nothing to complain about here (though I have heard MUCH! :-)  ONE snow.... overnight before a holiday... and melted by the following evening..... easy-peasy.

But the next few weeks will be ones of major swings.... we will have bright sunny warm days... and we will have freezing rainy gray ones.  And during this unpredictable time, a new creation will emerge.... Spring will bring more new growth and beauty than we can imagine.

This period of time reminds us of God's way.  We do not always understand the ins and outs, the ups and downs of life.  We do not understand our losses.. any more than we understand our gains (we just like the gains better!).  But this is God's way.. there IS a master plan.  And the master plan has greater riches than we can imagine.

I want to offer praise to you, God!  Praise for allowing me to be part of an unfolding drama.  Praise for letting me see that many times... the only loss I really have.... is the loss of a dream... MY dream.  And I know - and I thank YOU for that knowing - YOUR plan for me is so much bigger than my own dream.

Thank you, God.  Thank you for blessing me.  Thank you for helping me see truth... the truth that YOU are in control and I am but a small piece of your plan ... thank you for helping me have peace with the things I CAN control.  Thank you for holding me in your hand and allowing me to play a part in this grand life! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012



depending on your personal background

Penance is a word

that conjures up powerful images

 ....medieval acts of self-torture

.....personal memories of a Catholic sacrament.... good memories or bad memories.... powerful, affective, emotional memories....

Emotions cloud truth.

Penance.... simple.

Strip away the bandaid of emotional response and reveal

   ...raw, red, pulsating remorse.

Penance sorrow.

Sorrow for turning away from God.

Acts of penance reflect

 .....attempts to make amends

            .....turning toward the light.

Penance.... broken
               ...being made new.

Be repentant....

Be honest...

Have faith....  God is there...

Waiting for you to turn and be made whole.

God is there....

It was up to you to move away....

It is up to you to turn back...

God is there.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thank you, God....

My word, the sun has been shining so beautifully the last few days... thank you, God....

I'm glad you noticed

It feels like you've done it just for me.  I was pretty upset the other day.

Of course you were.  Disappointments are hard

Just fear, God...  I get scared sometimes about how we are going to make it.

I know

But I appreciate that you always manage to help me figure things out.  AND that you send me little signs that help me know things will be okay

It helps that you talk to me... and even more when you LISTEN

I have to admit it feels dumb sometimes

Of course.  That's where faith comes in.  

Thanks for helping me see that your hand is everywhere.... that there are really no coincidences...

What do YOU call it when things happen mysteriously?

Not coincidences, certainly.... you are clearly mixing and stirring and helping things to happen....  I think I call them


Miracles.   Yes, God.... your miracles.. are everywhere in my life.   And I thank you.

You are welcome.... you know..  you are my precious child.... and I want the best for you. 

I believe it, God... and I appreciate your loving me through my fears.  I will try to listen and keep my feet on the path you set.

That's all I ask.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

God, I'm scared..

Okay - so you know about this really bad thing that happened to us last week, right?

Of course I do.

And you know that we were really shocked and we are now in a lot of trouble?


And you know that even though I keep saying.... 'things could be so much worse' .. and 'many people are much worse off than we are'... well, between you and me - you know the TRUTH... I don't really mean it.

I know who you are.

I mean - it's true...... many people are SO much worse off than we are.  We still have a roof over our heads and no one here is hungry.

I know

But you know what?


I'm still scared
I'm still mad
I'm still not sure what to do next

Wellll..... I know you are mad and I know you are scared..... and I know you feel that you shouldn't feel that way.

That's right.... I shouldn't

But feelings are feelings - you can't help those.  And feelings get harder.

What do you mean?

Well... it's like anything else you do....  it's new the first time.  You don't even have time to BE scared half the time.   But the next time, you know what's coming.  And it gets harder.

I totally get THAT!  This is really scary.... and I really don't know what to do next.

Now this is where I take issue with what you say.


You absolutely know what to do next.


I talk.  You listen.  And you know.

uhhhh... the only thing I have on my agenda is laundry and dinner... and I think I have my grandbaby next weekend.

There you go.


Do you trust me?


Then do it.

Do what?

What you said....


..and dinner.. and playing with your grandchild.


Katy, my dear.. that is all I ever asked you to do.  Whatever life brings... you have people who need to eat... who need clean clothes.. who need YOU and the love and life you bring to them.

Oh come on.... I need to be able to FIX this!

You can't.  This is where I come in.  YOU take care of your people....  Let ME take care of the details.

I'm supposed to TRUST you now?

Now more than ever.. just go for it.... just trust me and see what happens...

Okay...  does that mean I get some sleep now?

Hmmm..... if you can really let go and trust... yes....

I'll try.... but God?


Will you still be there tonight if I can't sleep?

Of course... aren't I always?

Yes, I know, you really are... but I'm scared.

Scared is okay.... but I love you..... so go to sleep.

Okay..... but I'll be talking to you later.

I count on it :-)