Monday, March 23, 2015

#2 Jesus Takes Up His Cross

So You were condemned, Jesus.  Condemned to die.  

You knew what was coming next.  

The future, so uncertain to us... was known to you.  

And you went on anyway. 

You took the cross that was given to you.

Thank you for accepting that special cross for me.

I cannot imagine where we would all be now if you hadn't taken that cross.

What a long lonely road was ahead of you through the streets and up the hill.

How frightened you must have been... but secure in your love for us.

I have a cross to bear too, Jesus.

Nothing as horrific or terrible as yours...

but sometimes it is daunting and it feels lonely.

It feels like I have been deserted and I feel afraid.

Dear Jesus,

   My crosses are so small compared to yours.  Please help me trust in God like you did and take up my cross and keep moving!  Help me remember that I am never alone unless I turn away from you... and then... I have made a choice, a bad choice!  Help me always stay open so your love can reach me!

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