Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hey God!  Can you PUH-Lease STOP calling me?  I'm really getting tired of all this work you are asking me to do!

Me?  You sound stressed.

Wellll...... yes, I am.

Why are you stressed?

You're kidding, right?  You called me to do this... and you called me to do that.... and then my husband got sick... and the car got a flat... and I still had to do this thing you asked me to do.

Are you SURE I asked you to do all of that?

OF COURSE!  Why else would I have moved heaven and earth to get that done with so much at home to take care of?

Well, honestly, I don't know.

Well, who else was going to do it?  No one else can do it as well as I can.  That's why you asked me, right?

Hmmmmmm... I agree about taking care of your husband.

But what about the other stuff I had to handle?  I'm the only one who knows how to do it right.

Really?  You really think that?

I know that.  I'm the ONLY one who EVER takes care of those things.

This doesn't sound right to me.  Didn't you read the part about 'my yoke being light'?

Of course I read it.. but I didn't get it.  There's too much to do!  I'm too upset about everything.

Can you tell me WHY you think you are the only one who could handle the stuff you are talking about?


Do you think that just because you have ALWAYS handled it, that I mean for you to ALWAYS handle it?

What else am I supposed to do?  No one else will do it.

Did you ask?

Why should I?  They are supposed to volunteer to help.

Do they know you NEED help?

Why shouldn't they know that already?  I do so much.

That doesn't sound fair.

It's NOT!  That's what I am telling you.  I can't handle it.

I am always fair.  I know you.  You can always handle what I ask of you.

Then what is wrong?  Do you think I WANT to do everything?


Really?  How could that be?

Who sets the standards for the jobs you are doing that you say you don't want to do?

I don't know.... it's the way it's done - well, the way I do it... so I guess..... I must set the standards.

Which maybe MIGHT be why no one does it better...... or why no one thinks you need help?

Maybe.  But it would be prideful to think I do it best.  I don't think I am prideful.  I work hard for you.

You do.

I wish others worked as hard for you as I do.

So do I.  I wish SOMEone would give others a chance to do just that.


well... what if it gets done wrong?

Well... what if it does?  What if..... it doesn't get done at all?

If I am hearing you right, you are saying that I am prideful.  That I think I do everything the best.  That some of this stuff I am handling.... you DIDN'T ask me to do?  You might not even want it done?

Are you stressed and conflicted?


Then this is easy.  It's not from me.  I don't cause you stress.

Wow....  You mean all this running around is NOT for you?  Well, that is just a bit crazy then.  I need to think about this. 

No you don't.  You know your priorities.  Focus on those and hand off the other stuff that is worrying you so much.  If no one picks it up.... maybe it doesn't need to be done.

Huh...  I guess I'm not as important as I thought.

Ohhhh..... you are wrong there.  You are very important.  As a matter of fact, you are a critical part of my plan.  That is why I take such good care of you.  When you let me, that is.

So I guess I can turn this over to you now?

Now you are getting the idea.

Okay God, I am officially scaling back and letting you handle things.  But do me a favor?


When there is something you REALLY want me to do... will you make sure I know what it is?

I always do.  Now go to sleep and let me do my job.

Okay God.  thanks.  It always helps when I talk to you.

You know, I sit here all day waiting to hear you say that.  Now go to sleep and talk to me sooner tomorrow!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hello? God Calling!

Are you being called?  Will you hear it when you are being called?

When I think about 'being called', I think of BIG things.  I think of people filling a grand and glorious destiny...  people who give up everything and move to foreign lands.... people who lead the charge against poverty and disease... people who research and study and devote their lives to things I will never understand.

I don't think of the reality that ALL of us are called to action by God.
I don't know that I WANT to think of the ways that God calls me every day.  It makes life harder when I THINK about it.

Somehow it's easier if I just DO the little things that 'feel' right.  Don't we know that those little things - if filled with LOVE - are 'God calling'?

Today's reading in church reminded me that the little 'calls' may be more significant than we realize.  Today we heard about St. Peter and how he answered God's call.  (Paul's 'call' is even more dramatic!)  SO when we talk about being called - the emphasis is usually on how the leaders accepted the responsibility that Jesus shared with them.

But I wonder how things would have played out if ANDREW had not answered HIS call....  the call to INTRODUCE Peter to Jesus.  Andrew's 'call' was to get all excited and introduce his brother to Jesus.  Such a simple thing.....  Of course, God would have gotten Peter in another fashion because God is like that......  BUT that crazy excited NEED to share...... was Andrew answering.

All of us are called by God to be part of the plan.  And the plan is a mystery.  Our part in it is unclear.... but what IS clear is that God is calling.... every day... all the time....  stay awake.... stay full of love and excitement... you won't want to miss it :-)


I know you are there, God.  I know you have a special plan for me.... and, even if it is doing laundry or walking dogs.... I want to be present and ready to recognize your voice.  Help me be there for you, God.  Amen!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Who Recognized Jesus First?

It wasn't the chief priests.

It wasn't the scholarly scribes.

It wasn't the leaders of the Jewish community.

It was Jesus' parents.... a simple couple from an impoverished part of Judea.  Simple... they believed they spoke to angels, for heavens' sake.  Poor.  Nobody important, nobody with any status in the eyes of that community.

It was a group of uneducated rough shepherds..... men and boys who spent their lives camping out in the hills watching sheep.  Outcasts.  Nobody important, nobody with any status in the eyes of that community.

It was a trio of strangers..... odd strangers who followed a star to locate the baby.  Weirdos.  Nobody important, nobody with any status in the eyes of that community.

Jesus' community... the one he was born into.... didn't recognize him.  It was the others.... the poor, the outcasts, the weirdos.... the marginalized... those unimportant people.  THEY were the ones who quickly saw Jesus for who he was.

We need to reflect and remember... especially if we have any status at all...  to be simple, to be humble, so that we can know Jesus.

We need to throw away the things in our lives that separate us from Jesus, some of them material things, most of them less tangible.... but barriers nonetheless.  They prevent us from 'see'ing Jesus.

Importance here on this earth... is NOT important IF you want to 'see' Jesus.

Dear God, help me to get rid of anything that keeps me from recognizing your son...... most particularly, my judgment of other people.... you know, the ones who follow stars and speak to angels?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jan 1, 2012

 One of the readings today was one I particularly wanted to share as we begin this new year....

I think it is an fantastic way to begin a new year :

"The LORD bless you and keep you!

The LORD let his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you!

The LORD look upon you kindly and give you peace!"

 These verses from the book of Numbers... where God tells Moses what to tell Aaron so that Aaron would know how to bless the Israelites... remind me that God will always guide me if I keep coming back to him with questions.  Moses talked to God a lot... and he often acted like he was pretty clueless.  Like me half the time.

But God took the time to tell Moses what to do... in words of one syllable... so that it was really clear.  God loves us dearly.  And God doesn't care if we mess up.  God wants us to come back and ask questions.  God wants us to trust.

So here I am... trusting.... and I want to bless those who are reading now..

Until next time:

"The LORD bless you and keep you!

The LORD let his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you!

The LORD look upon you kindly and give you peace!"

(from Numbers 6:22-27)